Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Movember T-Shirts Now Available!

It. Is. Here.

Well, almost. The hairiest month of them all (as if you needed any excuse) is almost back for another season. That's right, the month when Gillette shaver sales plummet by over 61% as sales of single-malt scotch whiskey and moustache wax skyrocket; the month when fragile new relationships get pushed to their limit in a test of authenticity; the month when boys become men and men become gentlemen…

The month of Movember.

The Moustache Aficionado is here to support you in your endeavour. Pledge your allegiance to the moustache with a slick new Movember t-shirt from the Moustache Aficionado. For 2013, we have set up a brand new shopping experience to get you suited up for the forthcoming facial hair extravaganza.

Buy your Movember t-shirt here.

These designs are limited edition, straight from the hairy upper lip of Vancouver, Canada. Order today to get yours in time for November, excuse me, Movember 1st.

No longer be mistaken for a pubescent teenaged orang-utan - let the world know that you are a Moustache Aficionado.

Movember Moustache Tshirt Store


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