Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Virgin Cowboy Moustache - Aficionado of the Month

A man's first moustache is a joyous occasion. That time where a man crosses the line from baby-faced shaver slave to waxed and polished Moustache Aficionado. Not a time to be taken lightly, certainly not. Celebrations with friends, some smooth jazz and a few single malts on the rocks are all on order to ring in the new upper lip umbrage.

Lance Bloyd joins the upper echelons of the whiskered elite with his coiffed and coiled lip tickler. Carrying on the centuries-long tradition of cowboy staches, Lance keeps it real with this short yet symmetrical horizontal pointer. However, not one to wait around 'til the cows come home, Lance puts his mo to work breeding bulls and supplying those who get the breeding done.

So raise your glass in a toast to this September's Aficionado of the Month. It may be your first, but it certainly won't be your last.

cowboy pilot mustache

Oh, and bull semen for sale? Lance has got all your semen needs covered.

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