Monday, March 4, 2013

The Biggest Moustache Ever - Mark Sales

With his trademark salt-and-pepper nose bow tie and a hand cannon that would make Dirty Harry dump in his diapers, Mark Sales shows the world that, indeed, a good mo' does not die young.

Frequent visitors to The Moustache Aficionado may recall this fluffed yet firm sub-nasal masterpiece from its previous appearance as October 2012's Aficionado of the Month, where we lauded its rich ombre colour composition and sheer girth that would make an orca whale cower in fear.

Following his last appearance, Mark proceeded to do the unthinkable and shave off his lip mitten, an act that resulted in the cries of "heresy!" from many a fool. However, not one to disappoint, Mark's nose-neighbour rose from the stubbly ashes of moustaches past and flew like the fiery hair phoenix it is into first place in his workplace's Movember challenge, easily crushing feeble attempts by his colleagues at Joe's Magnum Emporium Gun Store and Shoe Shine.

Congratulations Mark Sales, the March 2013 Moustache Aficionado of the Month; an inspiration to us all.

Don't forget to submit your growth to for your chance to be the next Aficionado of the Month.

big ass mustache mark sales


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