Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Middle-Eastern Movember Treat

Movember continues to spread its fuzzy joy to young gents around the globe. Here is a recent submission from a fellow Aficionado in Israel. Grow on Davi!

My name is Davi and I am from Israel. This is my first attempt at Movember and I am very happy with myself so far. Movember is not very poplar where I from but it is growing. Like my Moustache. he he
I also grow to make peace for Gaza.


israeli moustache


  1. Well done Davi. My family and I are very proud of your efforts ... we support your Mo for peace.

  2. Is that really you cousin Davi? This is the first time I have seen facial hair on you other than your payot. Well done, love from your cousin Jenda Shinski

  3. Oh my beautiful nephew Davi. Jenda just emailed me, and all of Nazareth are so proud of you and your moustache to complement your payot. Mazel tov, xoxox Aunty Esther.
    Shalom aleikhem

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