Wednesday, October 3, 2012

AotM: Mark Sales' Hedgehog Moustache

Salt and pepper shakers add flavour and spice, and Mark Sales keeps his upper-lip-lady-tingler well seasoned.

What is there to say about a guy like Mark Sales? Well not much actually, this photo was accompanied by one word only; "booyah!". And I buy it. $5.75 can also buy you a slick pair of blackout tribal print shades, but you can't put a price tag on this black-and-white, two-tone, greyscale, 8-bit face ferret. It's as if a young and vulnerable hedgehog found shelter from the inevitable autumn storm under this here nose, melding into a beautiful symbiotic coexistence of man and moustache.

It's art. it's Dali with a suntan.

It's a badass fuckin' moustache.

old school cali surfer moustache

What do you think? Manly-ass mo', or child's play?

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