Thursday, September 6, 2012

Moustache Wedding.

What do you get when you mix mandatory facial hair, Texan hospitality, 35mm film and an open bar? Holy matrimony built on the muscular foundations of luscious facial growth.

Jason Cates shares more hazy memories from a glorious summer's day back in good ole' 2007. Cowboy hats, bald heads and blonde chicks make this the wedding of the century (in my books anyways. The last wedding I went to charged $9 a beer). Bridesmaids can keep their ugly dresses; men, tonight we sport hair.

Let us all raise our glasses in a toast:

"Hair today, gone tomorrow. I will grow my mo' till I can grow no mo'. Moustache Aficionados for life!"


moustache wedding

texas moustache bitches

 groomsmen mustache


disgusting girls moustache

cowboy mustache

bald moustache

drunk moustache

Have you got some crazy memories from the celebrated lifeline of your moustache's long lived existence? Email them to the and you too can be revered and ridiculed across the Internets!

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