Monday, July 2, 2012

Glasgow Richard - Aficionado of the Month?

As purveyors of some of the finest mos in the world you can imagine that we receive an egregious amount of submissions from mere mortals aspiring to be Aficionados. And while we can only be flattered by the exponential increase in worldwide upper-lip coverage, it begs us to ask the question; what makes an Aficionado?

1. Style
Hugo Boss, Christian Dior, or Hermes. We don't care about any of that shit. A true Aficionado rocks a style that is all their own. Whether it is a suit and tie for any occasion or a sweaty home-made singlet, the Aficionado wears it with the pride and confidence of knowing that he has kicked more asses than thou.

2. Nationality
The Aficionado knows no borders. Australia, Canada, Italy and Finland. These are only a sampling of some of the gents that we have crowned Aficionado of the Month. For we do not trouble ourselves with petty notions such as international borders, but are rather united by one common trait - glorious facial foliage.

3. Gender
In all honesty we have not yet had a female Aficionado of the Month. Not that we look down upon our double-x chromosomes compatriots with disdain, but rather they fear entry into this prestigious club. Let today be an official invitation; ladies of the world, submit your mo to!

4. Sweet, Sweet Mo.
You may be a Tom Selleck, or you may be a Pedro. It's not the size of the mo that counts, it's what you do with it. Although, size doesn't hurt either. Simply put, we want to see dedication to and appreciation of the upper-lip duster.

5. Not Giving a Damn.
Need we say more?

Which brings us to Glasgow Richard. He thinks he's got what it takes to be Aficionado of the Month - What do you think? Let's evaluate based on the above criteria.

Scottish Moustache

Style - Fake mullet, shades, sweater vest and fanny pack. Unique indeed.
Nationality - The first Scottish application we've ever seen.
Gender - Male, typical.
Sweet, Sweet Mo - Present, although dangerously close to a beard.
Not Giving a Damn - Definitely not giving any damns. Taking up two priority spots on the metro, making those old ladies stand up straight if they know what's good for them.

What do you think? Has Glasgow Richard got what it takes to be an Aficionado? Let us know in the comments below!

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