Sunday, April 15, 2012

When Babies Become Rockers = Rock-a-bye-baby?

Everyone is Waiting for the Light. Be Afraid – Don’t be Afraid.

baby faced hitler

It’s been a pretty good week for the under 10 crowd. Although still unable to grow a proper Waters or Zappa, they have been tearing up the world wide internets with a couple pretty awesome videos.  When we weren’t watching a cardboard arcade become the place to be on a Sunday in L.A. (I have to say, Caine may have a pretty good mo-future judging from his dad’s duster), we were rocking along to Rammstein covers. Wait – what?

Backing up a minute – let me introduce you to the Children Medieval Band, featuring

Stefan (age 10) - vocal, guitar, violin, recorder, keyboard, harmonica

Olga (age 8) – keyboard, violin, recorder

Cornelia (age 5) - drum, harp, keyboard

Playing Rammstein’s “Sonne”, Stefan, Olga, and Cornelia show some chops that would make grown men cry, and old men fondly recall the days of their youth.

But it doesn’t end there folks! CMB have recorded 18 (!) songs, including pretty rad covers of the BeatlesChuck Berry, and my personal favorite, Graham Gouldman’s  “Heart Full of Soul”.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the parents of these kids for not buying video games for their children, and also for learning how to use Youtube. Ron Swanson approves.

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