Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Most Underrated Moustache in Hollywood History

What is the best moustache in Hollywood history? Ask anyone this simple question, and you will end up with a varied response of a generally small sample size: Tom Selleck, Charles Bronson, Ned Flanders, and even Hollywood Hulk Hogan. But what about those underrated lip ticklers? The soup strainers that slip below the radar of Internet top-ten lists? They end up subject to scrutiny on The Moustache Aficionado.
Will Smith Independence Day

Will Smith has been fresh since before you were rockin' Pampers. XL tees, sideways caps and dance moves that make Dancing with the Stars looks like Dances with Wolves. But when the fate of the entire world is in his hands, there are only two things he needs to protect the earth from the scum of the universe; an occasional pencil-thin stache' and outlandish one-liners.

So when he's not busy fighting aliens, fighting aliens, fighting robots, or fighting zombie-mutants, Will Smith is keeping it real as a Moustache Aficionado.
Fresh Prince of Bel Air Gif

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