Tuesday, February 7, 2012

AotM Update: The Moustaches That Saved Lives

Tim Butler rides on the coattails of Geoff Yenson's AotM fame with his recent submission entitled "Two Boys in Haiti".

Synopsis: Two young gents fuelled by Rogaine and Slim Jims left behind the lives they have known since their youth to give back to a world torn apart by destruction. Earthquakes in Haiti hit close to home; using the only tools at their disposal (their hands and their sweet, sweet moustaches) they embarked on a journey that would change their lives. Motorcycle rides, moustaches rides, and rollercoaster rides of emotions were the only constants in this constantly changing world we live in.

I had the pleasure of knowing Geoff Yenson for a few months. I made us matching Muostache Ride singlets. See below:

haiti moustache
sexy beach moustache

Have you been on any harrowing life-saving adventures with your moustache? Share your tales of glory with us at themoustacheaficionado@gmail.com

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