Sunday, February 5, 2012

AotM January: Geoff Yenson

For me, Carl Sagan’s fundamental message was this; "We, the human species, are awesome people." Here at the Moustache Aficionado HQ we are constantly bombarded with pictures of amazing human beings. People who have fought the odds, endured hardship and committed an unfathomable amount of time to a deserving cause – growing a thick matte of crisp hair on their upper lip. Some do it as a protest to milk entering their mouths with ease; others do it because it displeases 94% of women born after 1993 which, for most of us, is the age cut-off for taking girls home and treating them to a world of pleasures that were only whispers in the wind during the moustache prohibition of the early-to-late 1400s.
Since Geoff Yenson landed on our rich mahogany chesterfield a few days ago, his arrival has stirred the office into a whimsical quest to find out more about the rogue maverick making the “broom stick” or “Ned Flanders” style of lip rope fashionable, and caused those around the water cooler to question their male heterosexuality, loins quivering. He clearly wears it with pride and a valour only kings would flaunt at the most exclusive beer pong tournament.

ned flanders mustache

His picture was sent in by what we can only assume to be a supremely grateful sexual conquest of Geoff’s – Annelie Marcilese. In the digital letter she wrote a simple yet powerful message that shook the foundations of sentence structuring:

THis Moustache doesnt need an introduction.
But for legal reasons you can call it Geoff YEnson.
With Great Pleasure,
Annelie Marcilese

We adore her devotion to getting this man the sought after pat on the back that only The Moustache Aficionado can deliver.
Thank you Geoff Yenson. You have made me very confused about my choice in leather pants for this fall season.

You are an Aficionado.

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