Monday, December 12, 2011

Ford Fanter - AotM?

"My name is Ford Fanter, an avid lover and grower of moustaches. I have submitted for your approval, a few photographs of my moustache in the hopes that I will be selected as your aficionado of the month. I take pride in the growing and grooming of my moustache, and receive compliments on it on a daily basis and have even been bought drinks and earned intercourse on the simple grounds of my great moustache. This moustache represents freedom, power, and manhood, and all that is righteous and good. It is the true mark of a gentleman and a scholar. I wish you the best in your decision for aficionado of the month." -Ford Fanter, via email.

What do you think, does he got the chops to be Aficionado of the Month? Vote for his mug on our Facebook Page Movember photo contest and show your love for the mo.

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