Sunday, November 13, 2011

Movember: Styles for Miles

As we approach week 3 of Movember, the itch has passed and true length is emerging. Now comes one of the most important decisions in every Aficionado's life; how will you style your new mo?

Will you opt for the classic Tom Selleck, as made famous in the pages of Playgirl? Or will you instead choose to keep yours long and whispy, as in the wise stylings of Confucius? Endless possibilities, but you may only choose just one.

If you are short some inspiration, you are in the luck. The internet abounds with ideas and opportunity for you to best capitalize on your new facial fur. Check out for instance, the American Moustache Institute. Not only hilarious, their "Style-Guide" provides a plethora of options to guide your growth.

mustache styles

What style will you be rocking this Movember?

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