Friday, September 30, 2011

The Moustache Aficionado time waster of the month!

Ever wanted something to cheer for? A genuine under dog to get behind and show that you care? Well here at the "Internets favorite website" we have found just the thing.

Every Thursday night in Australia we are graced with the exquisite company of Bendeguz. He appears on a well-loved TV show called "Beauty And The Geek" which airs on channel 7.

“I don't know whether ‘Geek’ would be the right term for me. I just see myself as Bendeguz. The one, the only and utterly unique.” He says on his website bio.

We understand you dude, because you rock a sweet moustache. So if your lucky enough to catch this show and you have thumbs, vote for this committed bastard and hopefully he can nail one of the beauties before he dies.

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