Tuesday, August 23, 2011

AotM Contender: Patrick Snyder

Patrick sent us this sweet picture without a word of description. So I will do what I do best - make shit up.

According to his Facebook page, Pat (can I call you Pat?) works at Mcdonald's Guatemala. I'm not sure if they have McDonald's in Guatemala, but if they do, I bet Pat is cooking up some mean Big Macs. Or Macs Grande as they would probably call it.

Southern Mustache

However judging by the Cowboy hat and the late 90s to early 2000's model Dodge Laramie SLT in the driveway, I have a feeling that Pat is coming from somewhere north of Guatemala, yet south of my hometown of Vancouver. I'm going to guess… Oklahoma. Or Arkansas. Maybe sweet home Alabama?

Either way, it's lean, it's mean, and it's a contender for Aficionado of the Month. Why contender, you ask? Because this month we got 2 (two!) submissions. Stay tuned for his competition, and best of luck to ya Pat.

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