Sunday, July 31, 2011

AotM Update: Blake Gehring

The life of a hollywood star is full of trials and tribulations. Take May's Aficionado of the Month, Blake Gehring, for example. Once sporting a moustache to make Tom Selleck quiver in his boots, Blake was forced to shave his furry lip-companion to try out for the role of Johan in the upcoming 2011 blockbuster The Smurfs. Unfortunately, the role never panned out.

What may seem like a devastating blow to the ego of some, turned into a blessing in disguise. For now, the moustache was free to grow unrestricted by hollywood expectations of baby-facedness. Grow moustache, grow!

Blake Gehring mustache aficionado

July is wrapping up, who will be next Aficionado of the Month?


  1. nice. what wax is being used? Dandy Candy Moustache Trainer per chance?

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