Sunday, June 5, 2011

May AotM: The Moustache that Little Boys Dream About…

And we don't mean dreaming about little boys. No sir, this gruff yet punctilious set of whiskers is more than just a facial representation of awesomeness; it screams to the world "I am Man, and I will not be constrained by 21st century societal norms!" Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Blake Gehring, and he has a moustache.

tom selleck mustache blake ghering

Growing up in Suburban America, Blake fought constantly to achieve attention and respect in the eyes of his parents; his mother a Trekkie--esque follower of 1980s police dramas set in tropical climates, and his father an avid outdoorsmen and gun activist. Looking to emulate the only man that could satisfy his parents' pop-cultural hunger, Blake knew he had to become Tom Selleck.

tom selleck mustache

With a bottle of Old Dusseldorf in one hand, and a Detroit Tigers hat on his head, Blake inched closer to achieving his childhood dream. Without the financial means for a Ferrari 308, nor the lack of self-respect required for a Playgirl spread, Blake began work on the final piece of the Selleck puzzle; the thick, unequivocally 80s moustache. And after 20-odd years we are happy to report that he has made it.

Congratulations Blake Gehring for overcoming adversity and truly being a Moustache Aficionado. May your future hold many years of of uninhibited facial growth.

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