Thursday, April 14, 2011

It's play-off beard season!

Yet again we find ourselves in what our lady friends like to call "can't get that lazy wookie faced asshole to do anything because he is watching sport" season. There is only one thing more coveted than the Dorito or a cold P.B.R at this time of year and that is a decent playoff beard. Nothing says "i am a man who enjoys eating bits of old food 2 hours later and i don't give a shit that kissing me is like kissing Robin Williams back" than a full playoff beard. So shave your face or just keep the beard we respectfully hope you have, lather some paw paw ointment onto your ass groove, buy a pallet of Mi goreng and settle in for what we expect to be an amazing finals series.

Send us a picture of your beard during the playoffs and the best one wins a special MOE-AF prize pack.

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