Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Travis Anderson April 26 at 6:55am Reply • Report
Hey all, two friends of mine are moving to Vancouver on the 27th of july for a while, They are 2 sisters and are awesome. I was wondering if you all could keep an eye out for a place for them to rent. they are on craigs list looking but its tough without being there. If you help them out i will buy a 24 pack of PBR and i will drink it with you in a park of your choice. plus you will have cool new aussies to hang with...ok thats probably not a selling point.
in order to help with getting you all pumped up about hopefully wanting to live with them i will give you alist of pros according to your gender

they are awesome at dancing so you have girls to go dancing with
Sara loves shoes...i'm pretty sure girls like that
sara can play the drums which is nice
they can party and drink
they pretty hot so its not like they will decrease the "hottness" of your house
they are down to earth and really nice.
P.s i still dont know about women so i dont know what you would like.

Sara plays drums
they are hot
they can drink
they are australian women
they are sisters
i'm pretty sure they are cheer leaders

Let me know peeps and i'll see you all in september!

australian cat

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