Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sweet, Sexy Mo' Lovin'

Longtime supporters of the Aficionado, Spenny Rieu and Dizz McGruber got off of their asses on a Saturday and personified their love of moustaches into this delightful little treat you see before you. Inspired by real life events, critics are raving about this film.

“Less stupid than Twilight” -Bobby Paul
“Held my attention longer than Fail Blog” -Kris Kasuya
“You ever fart outta yo dick?”–Devin Miller
“Typos, chicks on cell phones, and male nudity, what more could you want in an indie flick? But where's the Aussies?” -Travis Anderson

That’s right folks, the critics have spoken. So why not get comfortable, and spend the next minute-and-a-half enjoying Sweet, Sexy Mo’. You shan’t be disappointed…(all sales final, no refunds)

Shout outs to Spenny Rieu for putting this shit together, as well as Dizz McGruber for being so sweaty. See what happens when you rock your moustache aficionado t-shirt?

Don't forget to send in whatever you got. Funny videos, amazingly classy moustaches, or pictures of your dad’s facial hair, anything flies with us.

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