Monday, January 24, 2011

Friendly Beards (and Moustaches Too!)

If there is anything in particular that tickles the Moustache Aficionado’s fancy, it is sweet shots of facial foliage. When they are shot on 120 film, well… good thing I did laundry this weekend, because those silk boxers need a changin’.

Uhh... What I meant was I enjoyed Jesse Taylor’s more than mildly amusing collection entitled “Funny Beards”. Beyond just an expose on dudes with beards, this is a slice of life for some of Vancouver’s more marinated gentlemen. For some people, like Spoons and Bill, the facial hair is a reality of sleeping on the streets. For others, like Peter Mann and Larry, it’s simply another day in the life of an aficionado.

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Jesse Taylor Photos

Every man’s got a story, so grab a smooth scotch, a warm blanket, and a fresh butterhorn, and get to know the men with Friendly Beards. You just might see a reflection of yourself behind a pair of those dark eyes. Or maybe not. Either way you gotta admit, that’s some sweet face-scarf!

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