Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Aficionado of The Month! Moustachin' Ain't Easy...

Since 2008, Federico Ferrari has been living the dream as an Aficionado of moustaches. With an affinity for Tommy Guerrero-esque black rimmed classes and a classic well-groomed ‘stache, Fed (not to be confused with K-Fed) shows us that rockin’ a mo can truly be an art form.

Artsy crazy italian moustache federico ferarri in ray bans

But with great art comes great responsibility. And just like pimpin’, moustachin’ ain’t easy. Living in a small and unidentified town, possibly somewhere in the Italian Alps, Fed faces unrelenting persecution and ridicule for grooming his facial hair in such a way that makes him happy. Going through his daily routine while being called names like “Freddie Mercury” and “Little Richard” tests his patience. But as a true Aficionado, all he can do is laugh and pity the damn fools who do not show love for the mo, for they will never experience the undeniable and veritable contentment of a warm upper lip.

And for this, we award him Aficionado of the Month! Thank you Federico for your submission, and may your moustache grow long and your oppressors old and grey.

Check out Fed's website here for more details on his sweet mo, plus other cool things.

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