Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Poster Child Party

At the very start of the domination that is "themoustacheaficionado.com" we set out to find someone who epitomizes the word "moustache". We located a man who has had a moustache for over 300 years, who has traveled the world and conquered many women. A man that has swam to the bottom of the ocean and punched a giant squid. A man that once rode a pig over 4000 km to get a whole, cooked bbq chicken. That man swiftly put us onto Dan. Dan lives in Cleveland, Ohio, is super attractive to both men and women, and can hold his own in a game of "hide the bottle top". We immediately saw all of these wonderful traits, and also his immaculate moustache, and put him on the bottom of our web page.
hilarious retro seventies moustache headband sweatpants napoleon dynamite

Exactly a year later, in a completely different continent, I ran into Dan at a pub in Perth, Western Australia, where he quickly sculled my triple scotch and we made sexy eyes. Thank you Dan for your year of service at the bottom of our web page. And to all of you Aficionados out there that think we are just a website, you are wrong. We will gladly get written off with you at a pub in a different country when we randomly run into you. Be prepared.
high five bro moustache australia greasy oz

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