Friday, December 17, 2010

Holiday Moustache Gift Guide

Everyone's got them on their gift list: men who just don't seem to need or want any gifts this year. So how do you do it? How can you even begin to buy gifts for dad, gifts for brothers, or even gifts for uncles? We are here to help. The Moustache Aficionado's Gift Guide for men who don't need anything but like moustaches.

Looking to get your floss on and your gloss on? Try some moustache wax. Keeps all your hairs in place, and better shine you'll get from any Pantene Pro-V. Both of these offer great coverage, as well as an all-natural option for your greenies out there.

What about some inspiration? Getting motivated to get-growing is one of the hardest aspects. I always listen to my favorite moustached artists to get my hair-growing juices flowing. Might I suggest;

Just like your man-parts, ladies prefer bodily hair that is well trimmed and groomed. How else are you going to mold those perfect handlebars?

As mentioned previously, a proper manly diet is a crucial step in the development of a thick n' rich lip-tickler. Try some of these options;

How about some light reading? Leaving these books around to occupy your coffee-table will surely thrill and entertain your guests, as well as provide some much needed mo-inspiration.

Finally for the facial-folically-challenged, the male equivalent of breast-implants. They may not feel like the real thing, but they sure look sweet.

So this Christmas season, don't leave it up to Santa. Sure, he may have a sweet beard, but we know how to rock a mo. And now you know what men want for Christmas.

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