Friday, December 31, 2010

December's Aficionado of the Month!

In the month dominated by turkey, rum n' egg nog, and a dude with a big burly white beard, it was tough to distract ourselves from the excitement of the everyday and select our one favourite moustache of December. Although I'm sure we all encountered many an Uncle with Tom Selleck-envy, one man still emerged on top.

With an insatiable appetite for nanaimo bars and leftovers, a full time job selling beers to bums, and eyes that burn like cigarettes, ladies and gentlemen the last Aficionado of the Month for 2010...

Justin Knibbecke!
funny crazy insane gross moustache blue eyes red dragons vancouver

Have a Happy New Years fellow Aficionados, don't forget to tune in to a whole 'nother year of preposterous 'stache bantering HERE at The Moustache Aficionado.

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