Saturday, November 27, 2010

Movember Updates! Life's Rarest Treat...

Scott Dixon provides us with a visual delight today, the aftermath of a Halloween costume of epic proportions. What started off as a dyed blond handlebar moustache and a Hulk Hogan costume has evolved into what he calls "life's rarest treat, the frosted-tips moustache."
blonde scott dixon moustache costume nexopia mirror picture

Thanks for your submission Scott! But we still think the OG Hulk wins out in this battle for world domination;

hulk hogan angry baby costume

Wait, that's just a baby! This is more like it;

hulk hogan spaghetti wtf halloween costume mustache hogan knows best

Ok, so maybe Hulk isn't that scary. But he rocks a sweet mo! And really, isn't that all we care about? Yes. That is all we care about. That and T-shirts. And contests. And sweet mo's.

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