Thursday, November 18, 2010

Movember Updates: It's Hammer Time

Mike Kasuya has never been a stranger to the Mo' (or danger for that matter). He spends 11 gruelling months of the year training his upper lip into peak physical condition, with a strict regiment of lip curls, lip-to-nose presses, and 15lb dumbbell thrusts. And when Movember arrives, he is ready to shine like a glimmer of hope in a dark and oppressive world. Two weeks has gotten him this far, where will the remainder take him?

Viewing previous incarnations of his furry creation, one could lose their mind (and dayjob) daydreaming over the possibilities...

Mike Kasuya, thank you for warming our hearts and our groinal regions (for the female aficionados, i mean...)

Think you've got a better Mo' than Mike? Prove it. Send that shit to:

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