Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Public Washroom Usage and Deuce-age: An Aficionado’s Guide to the Public Washroom

Today the triumphant finale of the Aficionado's guide to crap. Finally, Part 3: Mcbathroom.

They’re everywhere until you need one. Public washrooms may seem a dime-a-dozen, but become as elusive as the Easter bunny when the brown monster strikes. Next time you hear that tummy rumble, take a good look around and spot it; the golden arches. Yes, your pal Ronald McDonald has a bathroom for you, ready to go when you are. Over 99 billion served!

We hope this guide provided you some insight, and will save your behind next time you are in need. And if all of this advice fails you, we offer one last piece of advice; the bushes and a sock, the way nature intended.

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  1. This is pretty epic information! Thanks for the tips ;)