Friday, October 1, 2010

Public Washroom Usage and Deuce-age: An Aficionado’s Guide to the Public Washroom

Today, Part 1: Act like your handicapped.

Contrary to popular belief, handicapped people go to the bathroom a lot less often than their more able-bodied brethren. This means no disneyland-esque line-ups giving you nightmares of your sixth-grade family vacation. On top of that, their designated stalls are almost always noticeably cleaner and roomier than those made for Joe-everyman. Now you too can relax in your own luxury suite, next time the urge hits. And the best part, it’s totally legal! Johnny law has no authority over who uses these deluxe bathroom stalls, unlike those handicapped stalls in the parking lot ($450 fine, thanks State of Washington!).

Tune in tomorrow for Part 2: Tissue Issue

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