Monday, September 27, 2010

Titillating tunes of Cascade Falls

A while ago I found myself in a bar near the port of Vancouver, targeted at a demographic much older than myself. I wasn't there for the service (or lack thereof), and I wasn't there for the price of beer (a full $5 more than I could afford...). I was there to get wet in my pants, listening to Cascade Falls. And maybe to get drunk.

Devin Miller and Lydia Hol comprise the duo, which one is Cascade and which one is Falls is still unclear to me. Also curious was the burning chemistry of the two. Miller, currently involved in a snerious relationship, assured me that the two were neither a couple, nor brother and sister. Could've fooled me. The upside of this being Lydia's current availability. She's single, and ready to mingle!

With a voice akin to a straight Clay Akin, Devin Miller soothes your soul with lyrics about mermaids, facial hair, and other indie-cred type topics. Lydia completes the package with a never-ending bag of instruments and sea shanties straight out of a Blaze novel.

So next time your looking for some witty banter, some folky-ass tunes, and a YARRGH-ing good time, check out Cascade Falls. Next chance to get moist is Thursday September 30 at Cafe Montmartre.

Photos: Ted Carr

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