Monday, December 7, 2009

Kings among sissy beasts

Here at we are constantly getting telegraphs asking us "what animals besides humans can grow moustaches?" For the longest time we put these stupid requests aside, Until now! Here is a list of the best moustaches in the animal kingdom and possibly the worst (photo permitting)

The mighty Emperor Tamarin
This majestic animal has one of the most awesome moe's in the business. if we could grow a moustache like this there is no doubt in my mind, we would be transformed into a Nut exploding love making machine.

The catfish or as i like to call them Pai Mai from kill bill 2. Could be the wisest fish ever to grace the shitty ponds and rivers where they live.

The Moustached Guenon Aka. The monkey pedophile. if this guy comes and asks to look after your spider monkey babies, kick that fucker out the door.

The Bearded seal. This guy is the uncle that drinks too much rum and egg nog at Christmas and tell all of the kids about Santa not existing or that they should pull his finger whilst they are sitting on his lap.

The Markhor, now this may be a non defined moustache but its there, plus i bet all of you aficionado's out there had no idea what a markhor was. Well here he is, the second most rugged thing in the world to sport a rapish handlebar. (after Hulk Hogan)

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