Sunday, December 6, 2009

From baby faced lover to intimidating master of the universe

Here is a list of celebrities who are special and talented in their own right, but if they only grew a formidable moustache they would truly be legendary.

Steven Segal
Here is a man who can kick some ass on and off the screen. He lived in Japan and learned how to fight from monks and yet if he was in a room with Chuck Norris i would put my money on Chuck. There is a lot of hype over Mr Norris but when you boil it all down there is one thing that separates the 2. A massive moustache. Perhaps Segal could have had a more successful movie career if he was a moustache wielding pastry chef rather than a baby faced one.

Yao Ming.
Imagine if one of the biggest fuckers in basketball had a curly mocha stain. fools would be clearing a path for him to do one of his patented back flip jams.

Barack Obama
Ohhh man, imagine how much cred the United States would get from the Untied Nations if their El Presidente' had a handlebar. There wouldn't be a political leader in the world who would mess with Mr Obama upon fear of his denim wrath.

Justin Timberlake
Here we have a guy that can sing and dance and has been in movies but still lacks indie/PBR drinker Cred. if he grew a perfectly manicured blond moustache then he would be up there with Oates from hall and oats.


  1. maybe a 'stache rendering is in order to see how awesome these people can be

  2. Ask and ye shall receive. Peep the "mo'bama" post