Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sweet sweet Movember

As all aficionados should be aware its Movember. So keep that razor away from your prominent upper lip and grow it for a cause. Not a lot of people know this but Movember is actually here to bring Male Prostate cancer awareness. I am currently unsure why men with moustaches and constant prostate checks are related but I’m sure it will come to me.
This is a month to be celebrated, as now men and women aficionados all over the world can style an outrageous moustache into their face and society will be forced to compliment them upon fear of being seen as an insensitive asshole. Now here at the we are not saying that you should only be able to grow a moustache for one month of the year, we are just saying that you can grow a legendary moustache and wear it proud to any profession, social gathering and family outing. Examples of where a girthy Handlebar would usually be frowned upon.
-High-end hospitality industry
-Primary school teacher
-Day care worker
-Female prostitute
-Food preparation
The list is endless but you can imagine, dropping your children off to their first day of kindergarten and seeing that the person in charge of their education and safety is sporting a Rapish Darby (suede/leather jacket combination) , leather satchel and handlebar moustache, your going to be slightly concerned. BUT not in Movember, now what once was a pedophile case waiting to happen turns into a man who is aware of the issues in the world and such can share his wisdom and understanding with your little aficionados.
So please, for the sake of men’s prostates everywhere, leave the mo alone for at least a month and help change the world.

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