Thursday, November 19, 2009

Race for the Undies: The Craigslist Challenge

I have a new addiction, one that does not involve bodily-harming substances. Well, maybe it does, but that’s up for debate. What I am addicted to is legal, plentiful, and most importantly, FREE!

The Craigslist free section allows people to post all of their junk that either;
a) is not worth anything
b) they are too lazy to figure out how much is worth
c) they THINK is not worth anything (this is the best stuff)

Recently I got a near-new Pentax SF10 slr camera with 2 lenses, 2 flashes, and a case for free. Not too shabby eh?

So now we are starting a game. Find the best free find on craigslist, and post it here in the slanderous remarks section. The best post over the next week will win a pair of Moustache Aficionado underwear. There are no criteria; entries will be judged on tangible value, obscurity, and sheer awesomeness.

Here’s the first post to get it started:

Free Techdeck skatepark



    I always wanted to have a diner but the only thing holding me back was the furniture.... im now set... thanks Mustache Aficionado!



    ...Less awesome but bonus points for extreme creepiness. Happy Fall!

  3. Diaper Fail

  4. We bought a pkg of Size 2 superstore brand diapers and only used half the pack before our daughter grew out of them. The diapers are white and purple so geared more towards a girl if that matters. There is about 20 - 30 clean, diapers left. You are welcome to them. First come basis. E-mail me to work out pick-up. ** Pending Pick Up**
    i think the best part is that it is already pending pick-up


    Anyone need any Kocha Kinoko / Kombucha cultures?? I know I do! Apparently all you need is a glass jar.....


    my re-entry. Fuck the leather chair, I want the gigantic volcano next to it.