Monday, November 23, 2009

For the love of fail!

I, like the majority of the human race (the male side at least), get a kick out of seeing people hurt themselves. Someone else’s misfortune is almost always a recipe for tears; of joy for me as I laugh my ass off. The human body simply looks awkwardly hilarious as it falls down/ gets hit by something/ slams into something/ etc. Maybe that’s why I’m a fan of skateboarding...

I digress. Lucky for me the internet is chock full of hilarious, outrageous, and gut-busting (in more ways than one) images and videos. Youtube is the obvious choice, followed of course by Failblog. Afro Ninja, Gas-Station fail, Ladder fail, and of course Grape-Stomp fail are just a few of my personal favorites. But while we laugh in the face of injury we forget that these people too, although stupid and unfortunate, are human. One man however is working to right all these wrongs.

His name is Daniel Tosh, and through his show Tosh.0 and the “Web Redemptions” segment, he hopes to give these web-fail one-hit-wonders another chance at life. Recreating their notorious predicament, he sets them up to right their wrongs of the past. Bringing in the guy from ladder fail, I actually shit my pants (it was more of a wet-fart-follow-through, but poop nonetheless). And when he set-up the Flex-o-Ladder and crossed successfully (after double-checking that it was indeed “locked in place”), everything in the world felt right. And indeed it was.

Check out the Win:

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