Monday, October 19, 2009

Open your mind....and your anus


Not a day goes by when the boundaries we give ourselves are pushed beyond our expectations. One medium to which we can attribute this is the porn industry.

In an age of cheap thrills, low expectations and inter-species promiscuity, almost anything can be found on the Internet to accommodate any ones imagination and appetite. From a group of South East Asian women using fish to pleasure themselves in “Minnow Bucket” to the widely anticipated video of a young man on a voyage to self discovery; he gets dominated by a woman with a stump for a leg, and yes, you are correct with your first thought; the stump did penetrate.

The buck doesn’t stop there. There are books containing twisted tales about the Adult film industry that are equally as fucked up. In Chuck Palahniuk’s novel “Snuff” we follow the ongoing saga that is a 600-man gangbang. Not only do we learn some of the mechanics behind orchestrating a gangbang of this magnitude, but we also learn about the “victim” on an emotional level and her reasoning behind such a feat.

A lot of the most fucked up videos are quite hard to find but here are a list of “Moustache Aficionado’s” must see picks:

Milk Nymphs

Young women anally ingest milk and proceed to “fart” the milk into each others’ mouths


A woman bends over in a bathtub and gives birth to an octopus

Super Jiz

The guy who can jiz a pint at a time, destroys unsuspecting girls faces

The Stumping

Guy gets a stump leg put inside his butt hole

Minnow Bucket

Ladies put small fish into the butt hole and then shoots them into another girls mouth

Belly Button Sex

Man has sex with fat woman’s belly button

Horse Love

Girl gets fucked by a horse

Horse vs Man

Man gets fucked by a horse

2 Girls One Cup

If you haven’t seen this one then you need to search it and have a paper bag ready

Fruit Shoot

Girl puts a banana into her bum and then shoots it into the other girls mouth

Cum Snort

Girl gets boy to cum into a funnel and then snorts the cum

Girl Eats Tampon

Girl pulls out a used tampon and eats it

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