Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The lady aficionado

The ongoing battle that is woman vs. man toting a moustache, may soon be coming to a hefty climax since the dawn of a new revolution that is "the trendy scenester moustache". Not only is it cool to be seen with one of these handlebar wielding fiends, but it’s also more than reasonable to be the carrier. This has opened up a wide array of opportunities for the recently pubescent, angst riddled, urban-outfitter-frequenting people of the world to step out and embrace what gift they now have. From an aficionado's stand point, this is neither bad nor cumbersome. It shies away from the typical triple denim toting, Steele Panther-loving, trustworthy image of the past and brings, not a new and improved version of person, but a shared understanding of the benefits and classiness a moustache can bring.
Women of the world have been saying the same thing for years. “shave that top lip, its scratching me” -well you know what girls, we understand this, but aficionados all over the world will agree, it just looks too damn good.
Not only should the ladies of the world be excited about this movement due to what kind of man, and I say man, she is going to be spending time with, but the security of knowing that her man is willing to commit to a moustache and therefore willing to commit to a relationship.
So hear our call ladies of the world: grab yourself a moustache-toting man and find out for yourselves why real men give out moustache rides.

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